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Pandrol Fastclip FE 1505

The Pandrol FASTCLIP FE 1505 system has been developed for extreme heavy haul applications suitable for up to 40 Tonnes axle load and curve radius down to 150 m

Recessed rail seat and special 2 part combined moulded pad and insulator provides longer life rail fastening components and significantly extending the life of insulators in curved tracks compared to any other system. FE 1505 remains compatible with both manual and mechanised installation.

  • Pre-assembled or assembly on site
  • Designed for very high lateral loading
  • Recessed rail seat / 2 part pad and Insulator extending the life of components

Product features by product sector

  • Why Fastclip FE 1505?
  • The Fastclip FE 1505 system has been designed to maximise the life of the components under extreme heavy haul axle loads particularly providing longer life insulators and adopting latest 2 part pad technology for protection of the concrete rail seat. The key characteristic of the FE 1505 is that the loads are being transferred into the concrete rather than the fastening components thus increasing the life cycle cost benefit of the system. The Pandrol Fastclip system is a resilient, threadless rail fastening system with the unique Pandrol switch on-switch off system that enables fast and efficient track installation resulting in lower installed and life cost benefits.