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Pandrol ‘e’ CLIP Assembly

The Pandrol ‘e’ Clip system with its unique geometric slip design offers a lightweight, low cost rail fastener.

Spring and torsion work together to provide a high clamping force, excellent resistance to rail rollover and superior longitudinal restraint. The ‘E’ clip is easily installed mechanically or manually with standard track tools.


  • Made from high quality spring steel alloy
  • Bar Diameter 20mm
  • Nominal Tow Load 2,750lbs
  • Nominal Rail Seat Clamping Force 5,500lbs
  • Approximate Shipping Weight 1.7lbs
  • Normally packed 25 per bag

Original design Pandrol e-Clip systems for virtually every possible known rail section, manufactured to one quality standard at one of Pandrol’s global manufacturing facilities. Although the Pandrol e-Clip is increasingly being superseded by the pre-assembled Pandrol Fastclip, these fastenings are still widely used in many countries. Pandrol is uniquely capable to support the whole fastening system, including special applications.

  • Safe, reliable system from the original designer
  • Threadless, self tensioning system for all market segments
  • Most extensive range of designs for every type of application and environment

Product features by product sector

  • The Original 'e' Clip
  • The Pandrol Difference

    The Pandrol Difference is our unique ability to innovate fastenings that perform better and last longer, in any environment. No other rail clip manufacturer can match the scope of our experience, design capability, research and development over our 7 decades in the industry. Our R&D team’s passion for discovery leads us to examine closer, and test further. Today Pandrol e-Clips are an evolution of trusted technologies, which have safely carried the world’s rail passengers and freight for decades. Pandrol take away the risk of non-performance assuring that the customer receives exactly what is ordered on time, every time and that each e-Clip performs as specified. Just like our customers, Pandrol’s R&D operations are global in scale. Across five continents, each railway we help to build has diverse requirements related to infrastructure, environmental conditions and local and international regulations. With a flagship research centre in the UK and laboratories at many of our local manufacturing facilities, Pandrol has the deepest understanding of these needs. Our R&D efforts have led to a broad range of specialised applications and customisation processes that meet local needs more precisely and more efficiently. Pandrol solutions are developed within our ISO 9001-certified quality management system, and we’re committed to sustainable operations that benefit our customers, communities and the environment. Breakthrough material engineering and production methods give our customers the best value and safer railways.

  • e-Clip Evolution

    As a result of continuous improvements and a vast amount of R&D, Pandrol has been able to evolve the e-Clip system to a higher performance platform, increasing efficiency through the development of the Pandrol Re System which can retrofit existing Pandrol e-Clip and PR systems or be installed on new concrete, steel or timber sleepers.